Sebastiaan Schimmel

Software developer for the web and IOT

About me

Turning ideas into working code...

I'm an experienced software development professional who turns ideas into reality by writing code for the web and the internet of things.

Starting projects from scratch, working on an architecture, picking the right technology stack and setting-up the infrastructure isn't for everyone. It is however where I excel. I work with or as the product owner to turn ideas into a workable backlog, setup the software development process and tools like continues integration and write the first version of your code to get your idea of the ground quickly without compromising on quality.

Whether you want to discuss a possible project or just want to test an idea please do get in touch.

Personal Info


675 Internet Services


Sebastiaan Schimmel


H.J.P. Fesevurstraat 9
1e Verdieping | Kamer 53
7415 CM Deventer
The Netherlands

Postal address:

Postbus 2278
7420 AG Deventer
The Netherlands


+3185 303 3586

Pro. Experience

  • 12/2014 - 10/2015
  • Hugo
  • Co-founder & CTO
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My Professional skills

Software development

I write code for the web and internet of things using Node.JS, PHP and Go. HTML, CSS and JavaScript are ofcourse included. Frameworks used include SailsJS, Laravel, Restify, Meteor and Electron.


Software needs to run on hardware to be useful. I'm well versed in the setup and maintenance of a hosting infrastructure. Besides running on own hardware I have extensive knowledge and experience working with Amazon Web Services.

Product management

Besides writing code I work on the softer side of product development having extensive experience as a Product Manager and Scrum Product Owner.